World Book Day - Gold Award

Flying High With Reading

As soon as we heard that the title of the competition was ‘Flying High with Reading’, we immediately started to think about what it meant. Books encourage your imagination to take flight, the books we read assist us to fly high into our own world of novels, to become writers and to use our ideas and imagination to create our own stories. Reading helps us shoot for the stars! This is when we realised we should choose a space theme. What’s higher than space? Therefore, we decided to explore the theme. We thought about rockets, flying spaceships, astronauts, stars and planets. Reading is like a shooting star that boosts us higher, to better and greater; it brings colours to our lives, wonderful, beautiful rainbows of imagination.

We are reading champions, because we read a lot, and when we read, we enjoy it! We always celebrate World Book Day, National Poetry Day and Roald Dahl Day. This whole school display is not only going to celebrate our love of books, but encourage us to read more. As it is set in outer space, using space passports we are going to have to travel to different ‘Reading Planets’. Each time we read a book from a different genre, we get a stamp in our passport. Once we have read a book from all the planets, we will get a prize!  

Our display celebrates all the different ways we read, both inside and outside of school. With this mind-set, we decided to make rockets to showcase our reading journals. Our reading journals are important to us, children in KS2 take these books home, and complete entries on every book we read. At home, we also read with our grown-ups – we wanted them, their hard work and determination to be celebrated in our display too.  We were asked to take a picture reading with an adult outside of school. These photos are the ‘superstars’ of our display.

We also wanted to celebrate the reading that takes place in school. All the classes were asked to present work for our spectacular display. We all have put a lot of effort into the display, to make sure we represented reading at our school brilliantly. We included work from our Guided Reading lessons; prediction, word meaning, inference and deduction. We have also included our favourite ‘Reading for Research’ tasks. The little children are learning to read, so they showed us how they use ‘Fred Fingers’ and phonics too.

Located in the library, we wanted our display to help us choose books that we would not normally select. We made video book reviews for children to watch from inside the rocket. We also created blurbs and new front covers for our favourite books and gave recommendations of books to hang from each planet.

Magical and spellbinding, this display expresses how seriously we take reading. We have gained confidence from taking part, we have worked together as a school and celebrated our love of books. 

(Written by Nanaba, Junior, Deborah and Angel in Year 6)


Here’s what the Flying Fergus team had to say about the winning entry:

‘We were all so impressed by the entry from St Francis RC Primary and their interpretation of “flying high with reading”. St Francis RC Primary took the theme and blasted off, bringing the world of stories into outer space. As authors we see stories as portals to reach the wilds of our imagination, and this was reflected in their no-limits, whole-school effort, which catered for all reading abilities and ages with unique displays and spectacular inspired details, including space passports and reading planets –  truly out of this world. We cannot wait to visit!’ Chris, Jo, Clare


Here's what the teachers at St Francis had to say about winning:

"We are delighted to have been awarded first prize for our entry to the World Book Day Award. When we began working on our entry, our main aim was to unite the school and celebrate our love of reading. We really wanted to create an exciting experience for our children, to challenge them to read more and from a broader range of books. The whole school collaborated to create our ‘Flying High with Reading’ space themed display, located in our school library. Winning first prize is beyond our wildest imagination and we are overjoyed. The £5,000 prize will have such a tremendous impact on our children; we will be able to purchase so many books and strengthen our commitment into making our children life-long readers and lovers of books."

Please visit the World Book Day Website to find out more and look at the entries submitted from other competing school.


 Samples of Reading work from all ages.


 Alien family enjoying the library.


 The 7 book genre planets


 Entrance to the rocket, with screen to blast off and watch book reviews.


 A Reception, Year 1 and 2 child enjoy the ‘Space’ library.

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