Education in Human Love

'A Journey in Love'

A Catholic primary school resource for Sex and Relationship Education

‘A Journey in Love’ is the recommended programme of study for Catholic schools for Relationship and Sex Education, and has been written as a progressive scheme of work that supports the Religious Education, PSHE and Science curricula taught within the school. 

As children progress through school, they discover more and more about themselves and the wider world.  This thirst for learning new things in all aspects of life is fostered by the school, who attempt to create a safe, stimulating environment for learning; supporting all children in their development. 

Central to our work within the school is learning about our faith, including understanding ourselves, our position in our community and how we develop as human beings - our spiritual, social, emotional and physical development.  This is how A Journey in Love fits in to the school’s curriculum.  The scheme focuses on friendship, family, community, relationships and spirituality.

As you would expect, not all issues related to personal development are covered by the end of Year 6.  The content is age appropriate and is taught with sensitivity, taking into account the children’s level of maturity in regard to the delivery of the lessons.

As with all aspects of learning, children are naturally curious and many will have questions related to their lessons.  Opportunities to discuss questions form part of the lessons and, again, these are treated with care and understanding.

Below are slideshows of the course content for each year group.

Early Years

•          Children know and understand that God has made them unique and that although we are all different we are all special to him.

Examples of Reception activities:

•          A graph of eye colours

•          Why was I given my name?

•          Who are my friends?

•          I grew for 9 months in my mummy’s tummy, Jesus grew for 9 months in Mary’s womb


Year 1

            Children know and understand that they are growing and developing as members of their own family and God’s family.

Examples of Year 1 activities:

•          Draw a picture of my family

•          How old was I when I learned to crawl, speak etc.

•          How can I help at home?

•          We are members of God’s family


Year 2

•          Children know and understand that they are growing and developing in a God-given community.

Examples of Year 2 activities:

•          What is community?

•          Explore school as a community

•          How can we contribute to the community?

•          As children of God, how should we help each other?


Year 3

•          Children know and understand the virtues essential to friendship e.g. loyalty, responsibility and experience the importance both of forgiving and being forgiven and of celebrating God’s forgiveness.

Examples of Year 3 activities:

•          Who cares for me at home, school, parish, community?

•          How do you keep safe?

•          How do you take care of others?

•          How do you feel if a friend is not there for you or you are not there for them?

•          How can I forgive and include others as Jesus did?


Year 4

•          Children know and understand that they are all different and celebrate these differences as they appreciate that God’s love  accepts us as we are and as we change.

Examples of Year 4 activities:

•          Recognise all pupils grow and develop at a different rate

•          Name male and female body parts

•          Identify the development of the baby in the womb

•          How do I appreciate my own and others gifts, talents, achievements and all that makes us unique

•          St Paul’s teaching on love


Year 5

•          Children know and become aware of the physical and emotional changes that accompany puberty- sensitivity, mood swings, anger, boredom, etc. and grow further in their understanding of God’s presence in their daily lives.

Examples of Year 5 activities:

•          Identify and celebrate the ways I have changed since birth

•          Discuss the external and internal changes which happen to boys and girls in puberty

•          Recognise behaviour changes as we grow up

•          Children share their understanding of change through poetry, prayer, art etc.


Year 6

•          Children develop, in an appropriate way for their age, an understanding of sexuality and grow further in their appreciation of their dignity and worth as children of God.

Examples of Year 6 activities:

•          Explain how human life is conceived

•          Male and female reproductive organs

•          Sexual intercourse between husband and wife

•          How a child grows within the mother’s womb

•          How we often use the word love too casually

•          Understand that God causes new life to begin through the love that parents have for each other




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