Sports Funding

  St Francis Catholic Primary School

Primary Physical Education and Sports Premium 2016-2017

Expenditure Plan


This year we are expecting to be awarded £9,698.


We plan to focus on the following priorities:

·         To continue to enhance the quality of PE provision through continuous training and support of teaching staff.

·         To continue the membership in the London PE& School Sports Network and consequently keep gaining more expertise.

·         To promote competitive sports at school and across the borough.

·         To continue founding new sports equipment for school, including playground equipment.

·         To continue to teach our children about healthy lifestyle and nutrition.


Area of Focus

Effective Use of Funding


Impact / Evaluation

London PE and School Sports Network membership- CPD, access to sporting activities, advice, resources.

1. Investment in the professional development of staff at our school so they are best equipped to teach high quality Physical Education and school sport for years to come.

This will include outside training and coaching sessions as well as CPD sessions at school


2. Increasing the amount of competitive sport in which our children participate at school.


3. Continuing to take part in local sports competitions/events organised by The London PE & School Sports Network.




professional development, amount of competitive sports and quality of PE provision

Cover to release staff for professional development in PE and sport.

1. Professional development training opportunities:

·         KS2 Real Gym training

·         Good to Outstanding in PE

·         Day 2 boosting confidence in teaching PE course

·         Dance Inset



All attended

Cover to release staff to attend competitions.

·         w/b 7th March-Year 4 Benchball

·         w/b- SEN festival

·         w/b 19th June NSSW- Athletics

·         PE coordinator- Sport’s Day


Benchball attended


Purchasing equipment to offer access to new sports and physical activities, including playground equipment.


1. Day to day equipment needed for PE sessions.

2.  Equipment needed for competitive events organised at school such as Sports Week.

3. Equipment to extend the range of sports at school, including playground equipment (e.g. volleyball and badminton equipment, table tennis concrete table, playtime games)









Total: £5200-









Total: £1975.38=

Left £3224.62

Purchasing  additional schemes of work to support teachers in their preparation and teaching of PE

1. Real PE additional resources such as Interactive version of the Scheme:

EYFS &KS1 bundle

Year 4

Year 5/6






Money not spent: £3984.62


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