Pupil Premium


 St Francis Catholic Primary School

Pupil Premium Expenditure Plan for 2018-19


The pupil premium grant (PPG) provides funding for two areas:

·       Raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities to reach their potential

·       Supporting children and young people with parents in the regular armed forces



The pupil premium for 2018 to 2019 included pupils from Reception to Year 6 who were recorded in the January 2018 school census as known to have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) in any of the previous 6 years (i.e. since May 2010, known as Ever 6), as well as those first known to be eligible at January 2018.

The allocation for these children was £1320 per child and £1,900 for Looked-after Children (LAC) and those who had ceased to be looked after (post-LAC).  

The allocation for 2018-19 was £118,800.00

This allocation derived from 90 eligible pupils.

The grant may be spent for the educational benefit of pupils registered at the school; on community facilities, e.g. services whose provision furthers any charitable purpose for the benefit of pupils at the school or their families, or people who live or work in the locality in which the school is situated.



 Objectives for 2018-19

·       To ensure that disadvantaged pupils attain the expected standard or exceed in Reading across all Key Stages

·       To raise disadvantaged pupils achievement & progress in core subjects

·       To provide opportunities that disadvantaged pupils and pupils of families with no recourse to public funds would otherwise not have access, e.g. music, art, drama, sport







Outcomes and monitoring strategies

Using specialist support to improve provision

(to include in-school and visiting specialists)

Invest in SALT support - to support teaching and learning of pupil premium children.

SALT provider to work with children, teachers, TAs, LSAs, SENCO and parents to offer whole class, small group and targeted individual support


1.        SALT reports

2.        SEND Co monitoring of SALT provision through regular meetings

3.        Feedback to class teachers about individuals and groups of pupils

4.        SALT targets included in IEPs

5.        Termly Pupil Progress meetings

6.        CPD led by SALT to staff

7.        Workshop for parents


Securing progress for targeted learners

(to include additional teachers and staffing across school to provide individual and small group interventions)



EYs TA to provide targeted support for disadvantaged pupils in Reception to accelerate progress from low baseline


1.        Lesson observations

2.        Weekly phase team meetings

3.        Analysis of baseline and termly data

4.        Planned focus groups

5.        Termly Pupil Progress meetings

6.        Incidental observations to support continuous assessment of children’s development


SALT TA to support Reading, Writing, Phonics and speaking/listening


1.        Performance Management meetings

2.        Regular meetings with SALT re provision

3.        SEND Co monitoring of SALT provision through regular meetings

4.        Termly Pupil Progress meetings

5.        Feedback to class teachers about individuals and groups of pupils



RWI trained TAs to support Pupil Premium children in Phonics and Reading in KS1


1.        Performance Management meetings

2.        Monitoring of spelling tests, reading records and phonic sessions

3.        CPD sessions

4.        Book scrutinies

5.        Lesson observations

6.        Analysis of termly data


TA Support for Yr 2 to work with target children in Literacy and Numeracy to improve confidence


1.        Performance Management meetings

2.        Planned focus groups

3.        Analysis of termly data

4.        Fortnightly team phase meetings

5.        Termly Pupil Progress meetings




Well-being and pastoral Support (support to minimise the impact of barriers to learning)


Learning Mentor/ PDC lead

to support individual and small group sessions, dealing with themes, such as low self-esteem and friendship group problems


1.        Attend and contribute to termly Pupil Progress sessions


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